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Downtown Toronto Optometry : Dr. Manjeet Cheema & Associate Optometrists

When looking for a downtown Toronto optometrist, First Canadian Place has the services you need. Let Dr. Manjeet Cheema and her associate optometrists at First Canadian Optometry clinic provide you with complete eye care, including general and comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens fitting and ordering, laser refractive surgery consultations and co management, and ocular disease assessment and timely referrals to ophthalmologists.

Your vision and eye health is our priority.

Our downtown optometry clinic is located on the street-level of First Canadian Place, near the Adelaide entrance. If you need an optometrist in the downtown core you will find Dr. Cheema and associates in the PATH. We provide eye care and optometric services in downtown Toronto, and are easily accessed from neighbouring buildings, the Exchange Tower, Standard Life, 145 King Street west, Richmond Adelaide Centre, Lombard Place, Scotia Plaza, Commerce Court, TD Centre and the Royal Bank Plaza.

Our dedication to convenience and service doesn’t stop at thorough eye examinations and a great Toronto location. We also have online appointment scheduling and contact lens ordering. In addition, we carry inventory of several lenses and also provide direct delivery service.

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About Us

Our Optometrists are firm believers in patient education and disease prevention and are always willing to take the time to improve patient understanding of what is going on in their own eyes. We are dedicated to providing quality patient care through comprehensive eye examinations and maintaining a high level of care.

All our doctors are in good standing with the College Of Optometrists and are members of the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) and the Canadian College of Optometrists (CAO).